The DreamCloud Mattress Offers Eight Layers of Comfort

A mattress should offer full support while allowing for complete comfort. When a mattress is not offering the right combination of support and comfort, a person will not be able to sleep as soundly as they would like. After individuals see details on the DreamCloud mattress, they are able to realize why they have been having so much trouble sleeping.

The DreamCloud Mattress Reveals Layers of Comfort

If a person were to take apart their old mattress, they might be quite shocked at what they were to find. The average inexpensive mattress has a frame of metal coils and then a few layers of foam. The DreamCloud is a different mattress entirely and is referred to as a hybrid because it features coils and memory foam. With eight exclusive layers of comfort, it is no wonder sleepers feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.

The layers of the DreamCloud mattress are what makes it so unique. The top layer is a Euro-top plush layer that is covered in the softest of cashmere. Cashmere is soft and delicate against the skin and the squishy Euro-top memory foam allows the mattress to mold into the curves of the body for greater comfort, without the development of uncomfortable pressure points that can lead to pain.

The mattress features layers of high-density foam, coupled with quilted layers of memory foam that are meant to offer full support and comfort for sleepers of all types. When these layers are all formed together, they create the feeling of sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

Benefits of Purchasing a DreamCloud

Those who are interested in purchasing the DreamCloud can do so without any risk. The company allows individuals one full year of risk-free sleep so they can be sure the DreamCloud is the mattress for them. They also offer a lifetime warranty on the mattress, something few manufacturers offer.

DreamCloud also offers one free cleaning service and a free reconditioning service after five years. If you would like to take advantage of these offers, visit the website today. DreamCloud offers you the chance to experience how sleep was meant to feel.