Why Nebulizing Diffusers are Cost-Effective

Diffusing scents into the air at home or work is a wonderful way to create a mood, relax the body and mind via aromatherapy, and provide a consistent smell throughout an area. There are many types of diffusing systems. Some use heat either with electricity or candles. The fragrance is released as the oil slowly heats up.

Issues with Heat

Using heat can be dangerous, especially around children or pets. Find a unit that has an automatic shut off function to avoid wasting electricity or burning out the system. If using candles, set them up higher that children can reach. Another issue with heat is that it causes the oils to evaporate quickly so replacement costs can add up fast. Once the heat is gone or shut off the scent fades in a short length of time.

Cold Air-Diffusing Technology

The diffusers that do not use heat as a source of releasing scents from the oils, also known as nebulizing diffusers, release a consistent fine and dry mist into the air. There is no residue as is found with aromatherapy sprays. The biggest benefits to this method of delivery is that oils last longer because they do not evaporate, the scent is stronger because it is not diluted with water and the machine costs less to operate than heated models. It is quiet, safe, and requires minimal cleaning.


The diffusing devices are a one-time expense that ranges in price depending on the style selected and the size needed. A small model for the home or vehicle can cost as little as under ten-dollars. Oils are inexpensive and can be purchased separately or in bundles. Creating long-lasting scents at home and work will make a significant impact on how the day goes.

Selecting Scents

A stressful day can be alleviated with a relaxing scent, for example, while an energizing scent can rejuvenate the body and spirit for a productive afternoon. There are scents designed to help people fall asleep, fill the air with a fragrance that invokes a treasured memory, or make the house smell like a day at the beach in the middle of winter. Try several scents to discover which ones make your day bright and pleasant.